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Post a comment. Use the 'Report' link on each comment to let us know of abusive posts. Comment Text. Severy has been a varsity scorer in the past at 10,meter, and is coming off his best fall cross country season ever. The coaches have high expectations in his final track and field campaign. Severy did not compete during the indoor season due to an Achilles injury. He scored at the Big 12 Championships in the 10K when he finished seventh in Severy competed in the 1,, 3,, 5, and 10,meter races during his junior season. His indoor 3, time of 8: During the outdoor campaign, Severy claimed eighth at Big 12s in the 5, He redshirt both seasons while studying abroad in Seville , Spain. As a true freshman Severy ran just one race indoors, a win in the 3, at the Colorado Invitational and three outdoor races, an 11th place 1,m effort at Stanford and matched that finish two weeks later in the Big 12 Championship 5k race. He doubled and ran the 10k at the conference championships that season, just missing scoring by one position, finishing ninth.

Severy has less than residents.

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Severy Men
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