Plano Muslim Girls

In the video, Muslim people of a variety of ages and backgrounds—mothers, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, pharmacists, little girls who dream of becoming ballet stars—hold signs explaining that Islam teaches them kindness, to give to charity, and to respect others. The video earned the girls their Girl Scout Silver Award, one of the highest awards in Girl Scouting, but they continued to see and hear hate being directed toward people of their faith. The girls were already planning on hosting another Open Mosque Day this year, but recent events have added urgency to their mission. Infollowing the murder of three young Muslim students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the girls of Troop were frightened by the way the Muslim community had been misrepresented in the media, and the attitudes against Islam that it fostered. And so last year the girls, with the support of their Girl Scout troop leaders and their Mosque, organized an Open Mosque Day and invited Girl Scout families from across the region to get to know them face-to-face so they could learn what Islam is really about. What started as a small effort has grown by leaps and bounds — and this time, four young women are leading the charge. The group is open to girls and boys of any faith, not only Muslims. The group also takes part in monthly events for local charities. That means sometimes the group volunteers by cleaning up White Rock Lake or feeding the homeless. The group has also helped package food for food pantries and played bingo with elderly residents at the Heritage Gardens nursing home in Carrollton. They came out of their comfort zone, and I think that has been their favorite activity so far, spending time with seniors. The youth group reaches several hundred people through Facebook and its volunteer email list. Kafeel said Khurram, Rizvi, Zaheer and Azeem were brought on as co-leaders after the foundation board realized how large the organization had gotten. The role had previously been filled by one coordinator.

They discuss issues the girls deal with like bullying, body image and self-esteem. They also bring in guest speakers to talk about Muslim women in history, online safety and other Muslim women in professional careers. By presenting the girls with Muslim women who look like them, Maddox hopes to inspire a new generation of professionals with strong voices and strong identities. The girls also have to combat the way the hijab is viewed by non-Muslims. In the Saturday meetings, the girls mix conversations about makeup and hijab styles with talks about how the media portrays Muslim girls. In an upstairs classroom, about 40 girls in lime green hijabs gather together. In class, the girls discuss bullying, self-image and Islam. The East Plano Islamic Center is fairly quiet. Since the start of the club, the girls have gone on field trips to museums, zoos and other outings, all matching in their lime green hijabs.

It goes without saying that this would be disastrous for Plano, which is already seething with angry disputes surrounding density and growth. In the suddenness of Harrison's elevation to public prominence how many of you, not excluding people who live in Plano, could have named a Plano council member before this happened? Harrison was the lone stubborn vote in his own defense on Sunday, when his council colleagues cast a public vote for his censure over a Facebook post offensive to Muslims. He would have to demonstrate new appreciation for the demographic and social reality that "everyone in Plano" is not limited to white conservative Christian nuclear families. It would take the signatures of nearly 2, Plano voters to get the ball rolling on a recall election.

Nafis Pathan, of the Islamic Association of Collin County, says his community has been active with the city of Plano and that he was disappointed in Harrison but pleased with the mayor's response. The Plano city councilman being pressured to resign by the mayor is apologizing for sharing a post on his Facebook page that talks about banning Islam in American schools. Tuesday night, a short video featuring school scenes and girls in hijabs with the words "Share if you think Trump should ban Islam in American schools" was shared by Plano City Councilman Tom Harrison's Facebook page. My other regret is that my personal action has reflected poorly on the City of Plano. Some in the Muslim community say they plan to attend Thursday's planned State of the City, where typically citizens can meet with the city council. This conduct is inconsistent with the values of the city of Plano," LaRosiliere said. The video stayed on the page for most of the day Wednesday, even as Plano Mayor Harry LaRosiliere says he and the city manager tried to reach the councilman for an explanation.

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Plano City Council has called a special meeting for noon Sunday to discuss the future of a council member who came under fire this week for his anti-Islam post on Facebook. Credit City of Plano; Facebook. Plano City Council member Tom Harrison says he will not resign even though his colleagues have censured him. City of Plano; Facebook. A Plano City Council member generated headlines — and controversy — a couple of weeks ago when he posted a video on his Facebook page, calling for a ban on Islam in schools. He points to how Muslims across Plano and Collin County have reached out to different religious and ethnic groups. Members of the Plano City Council say they also want to be inclusive. Shaheen Salam has been a Plano resident for 20 years. The Plano mosque opened in Just over half of the nearlypeople who live in Plano are white. A Plano City Council member has apologized for sharing a video on Facebook that he says "wrongfully implied I am anti-Muslim. All the discussions on feminism and gender oppression that I had with Osman in the last two years were marred by the feeling that my political ideals are familiar to him in the form of accusations, since he is always addressed attacked as an Arab, Turk, Kurd or Muslim and not simply as a person. I'm very worried that we Muslims are the scapegoats of the 21 st Century. The woman in the poster, who represents a Muslim, wears a black veil and black Kajal around her eyes. About Us We were the first agency in the US to provide trauma-informed and culturally-sensitive care for Muslim women experiencing family violence. Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights. We were the first agency in the US to provide trauma-informed and culturally-sensitive care for Muslim women experiencing family violence. We are Muslim Women for All Women.

Plano Muslim Girls
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