There are no men or women from the United States ranked in the top ten for singles, for the first time in four decades. Why this isn't as much of a nadir as it sounds like. In the nearly 40 years since the inception of computer rankings, it [was] the first time first time that no man or woman from the United States is ranked in the top 10 in the world in singles. The world has developed more tennis players. It used to be us and the Australians, a couple British guys and the odd French or Italian. But the rest of the world has progressed. Yet to anyone who came of age in the late s or early s as I did, and with a United States Lawn—as it then was—Tennis Association certificate of "beginner proficiency" dated August 10, to prove it this may not really be the low point in the history of American tennis—at least so far as the showing of American men in the sport's major championships is concerned. To say that once upon a time it was "us and the Australians" implies some kind of rough competitive balance that simply didn't exist back then.

Gimelstob said that sense of camaraderie and teamwork, as well as managing expectations, might have helped propel Isner to a new height in singles. Davis Cup captain, plans to play Isner and Querrey, his two highest-ranked players, in singles, and then make a doubles decision among any number of combinations at the last minute.

That is the big question in the singles competition at the U.

Many of the research findings about singles reveal that they are not all alike. Voluntary temporary singles: These are younger people who have never been married and divorced people who are postponing marriage and remarriage. Voluntary permanent singles: Again, this group is typically single by choice and understandably more contented with this decision. Singles represent about 25 percent of American households. Singlehood has become a more acceptable lifestyle than it was in the past and many singles are very happy with their status.

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